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My name is Terry Cooke, Owner of Cooke Land Development, Inc..  I have been clearing land for over 30 years.  I have cleared land in Lee, Charlotte, Collier, Henry and Glades Counties.  We specialize in Commercial Land Clearing.  Services provided are Clearing, Mechanically Harvesting of trees, Chipping, Grinding and Open Burning,  Grove maintenance, Clipping and Ditch Cleaning.

This page is to familiarize you with our Company.  Listed below are projects completed by Cooke Land Development, Inc.

Land Clearing Projects:

Tern Bay                                           U.S. Homes                                         555 Acres

Travista Bay                                     Ryangolf                                              489 Acres

Moody River Estates                      Ryangolf                                              120 Acres

Pelican Preserve                             WCI                                                       145 Acres

Entrada                                             Ryangolf                                              245 Acres

Grove Maintenance & Ditch Cleaning:

Barron Collier Silver Strand

GFC Grove


If you give us the opportunity to work with YOU, I am sure you will like the results.